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Hydroblasting is the most environmentally friendly method of Line Removal, Re-texturing Asphalt and Cleaning surfaces. THB’s Hydroblast units use clean water without additives at ultra-high pressure to deep clean surfaces, and we offer our services nationally 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Unlike other cleaning methods, our Hydroblasters collect all of the dirt extracted filtered down to 5 microns into an onboard tank for disposal, reusing the filtered water thereby ensuring there is no illegal run off into surface drains. All waste is disposed of in compliance with Environment Agency regulations and our Waste Carriers License. Hydroblasting Services in Berkshire. Hydroblasting Services in Surrey. Hydroblasting Services in Hampshire. Hydroblasting Services in Buckinghamshire. Hydroblasting Services in Essex.

Road Marking Removal and Asphalt Retexturing

Much of THB’s line removal and Hydroblasting work is carried out on roads and car parks. Hydroblasting is perfect for renewing town centre surfaces and it causes minimal disruption to traffic whilst maintaining pedestrian safety. There are no smells, noxious fumes/smoke that could be detrimental to road users and all waste is stored and discarded in the most environmentally friendly ...

Forecourt Cleansing and Oil Spill Removal

The possibility of fuel and oil spillage in fuel forecourts is high. To keep them maintained, regular cleansing is essential and can be completed through hydroblasting high-pressure technology. Urgent treatment is required on oil spills as it will attack the bitumen content and damage the surface. The process is completely chemical free, preventing any potentially harmful run off into interceptors ...

Chewing Gum Removal and Pavement Cleansing

Paved public surfaces all incur a steady build up of airborne dirt and pollution, chewing gum, bird droppings, spilled food and the like. We understand the workings of airports and the level of planning required for operations. Runways and taxiways have a constant build up of tyre rubber, oil and fuel deposits, which can be detrimental to the surface. Regular ...

Airport Rubber and Fuel Removal

Airports and airfields require high level of regular maintenance to keep them operational and safe. With over 10 years experience, THB are one of very few lining companies who have the capability and are fully conversant with CAA and MAA guidelines. We understand the workings of airports and the level of planning required for operations. Runways and taxiways have a ...

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