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As one of London and the South Easts leading surfacing contractors, THB are capable to fulfilling all of your surfacing needs. The experience and professionalism of our surfacing workforce ensures that we leave any surface safe and durable.

THB has over 20 years’ experience of providing reinstatement services in some of the country’s most complex urban environments. Working for both public and private sector clients, the company understands what it takes to meet the challenges of the modern road network.

As a sustainable business, our growth, vision and strategy have resulted in the capacity to provide a multi-skilled workforce that is capable of delivering a diverse range of surfacing services countrywide. Our reputation for safety, quality and reliability allows us to occupy an enviable position in the marketplace.

THB has a dedicated skilled labour and supervisory workforce that demonstrate exceptional competence in their field and offer a wealth of real experience of working in a Highway environment. Our ability to tailor bespoke solutions to meet individual requirements enables us to add real value to projects.

THB can provide full construction and rsurfacing on all manner of surface types including carriageways, footpaths, cycle lanes, bus lanes, car parks and driveways. We are fully versed and trained in reinstating the road back to the highest of standards and combined with our extensive fleet of paving vehicles we can offer a cost effective and compliant service whether it be hand lay or machine lay.

Road surfacing is a step that most governments take to ensure that their cities roads are clean and safe. In cities like London, where high traffic and several people are walking on the streets all day, it is necessary to ensure that the streets are well-maintained and secure enough to handle the traffic. There are times that a road may break down or may have some faults appear in the seams. That is where our company comes in and ensures that the road is surfaced in a secure and balanced way. Our company is situated in London where we ensure that our services are available to the city at all times.

What is the Purpose of Road Surfacing?

Road surfacing is vital for several reasons, but the one that manages to convince many people is that it is for safety. Beneath the road is the underlying soil and pavement. It needs to be able to absorb the high load traffic that travels on it every day. By surfacing the road regularly, you are keeping the soil and the underlying pavement tight and secure. The surfacing allows for safer travels and less breakage.

Benefits of Road Surfacing

Knowing the purpose of road surfacing, it is also essential to know the various benefits to the city and its residents. Below are a couple of reasons that may make you understand why road surfacing is a good idea and how it can help you as a community too.

·  Provides Jobs to the Masses

Infrastructure jobs are almost always a positive thing. These jobs employ masses, as more people are needed to do the work efficiently. The more people hired, the more employment rate rises. As a city that needs to employ more people, this is the perfect way to do so. There are no requirements except that they are willing to learn.

·  Benefits the People

When the government hires companies to do this job, they ensure that the roads are safe enough for the people to use. The tax increases albeit challenging at first, is a good step as the money is going to the government, and they are then spending on road safety.

·  City Looks Clean

When a road is surfaced, it takes time and may cause a lot of commotion. People may get irritated by it, but the result is a city that looks clean and organised. A smooth and balanced road represents a great city.

With these benefits, it is easy to understand why road surfacing is a step that should be taken immediately, not just for road safety but also for the city’s economic and infrastructure growth. Please visit our website where everything is provided to you in detail about what we offer and what we provide as a company. In case of emergency, please do contact us.

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