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Providing Civil Engineering services to the Rail Network

A RISQS registered supplier and approved contractor, THB has an enviable and welldeserved reputation for providing first class support to railway clients throughout the Network Rail, Light Rail and LUL infrastructures.

THB has a dedicated skilled labour and supervisory workforce that demonstrate exceptional competence in their field and offer a wealth of real experience of working in a Rail environment. The THB management team has worked on large infrastructure projects throughout the UK including the FTN project, GWEP, East Coast Mainline Electrification, Crossrail and EGIP.

From high-level project management, survey &inspection services to lineside cable route work, concrete base installations and level crossing work, THB offers a truly integrated approach to all projects. What’s more, its flexible culture allows services to be tailored to each client with working methods and deliverables evolving as required. Despite different delivery strategies, our entire workforce is fully engaged in our safety commitment and initiatives, which ensures we deliver a consistent approach throughout THB


• Cable Route Works
• Concrete bases
• Vegetation Clearance
• Fencing
• UTX installation
• Drainage
• Surveying
• S & T installations

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