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Providing Civil Engineering services to the Rail Network

Our company works for the client and everything that they need and require. We have a flexible culture where we prioritise their needs and cater to them when making a plan. All they want are provided to them under the professional workforce that we have and the skilled labour experts in their fields.

Service Provided

If you live in Kent, you would know that the railway network there is increasingly becoming busy and thus needs to be under a company that can handle the busy schedule and organise it better. That being said, here are a few of the many services we provide as a professional company to our clients if they wish to focus on rail works.

1.   Cable Route Works and Maintenance

Cable routing is a simple phenomenon where the cable on the railway track is protected through insulation. It doesn’t rust and get damaged when the train passes over it. Through insulation already provided to the cable, it can degrade in time due to the mechanical stress and the various abrasions that it may go through by being exposed on the railway track.

We provide a service where we change the insulation to ensure that the cable route wire is intact and secure in all cases, this process is called cable routing, and protects the cable thoroughly.

2.   Concrete Bases Used for Railways

As the name suggests, concrete bases are made out of concrete so that the area is a lot more secure and less flexible when the train passes. Our company prefers the concrete bases for a multitude of reasons but the one major reason being that it is the most stable material out there. The train weighs a lot, and when it passes through the concrete bases, though it makes a lot of noise, it is still stable enough to hold it together.

As compared to other bases like wood, the concrete bases are fire-proof and rust-proof. This on its own is a huge advantage because what it manages to do is save up on costs of maintenance and repairing.

3.   Clear Out the Place for the Railway Track

Our services are limited to the railway and the railway track and the area around it. One of our more non-technical services is helping get rid of the vegetation that manage to spring about near the tracks. More often than not, the places that are not close to the platforms tend to get some vegetation that grows there. Our teams are sent out to take care of the vegetation and cut it down because it could damage our railway tracks.

These are just some services that we provide to our customers and valued clients. Our most significant reason for being as successful as we are is because we have managed to make our client our priority. Railway tracks and rail works are a sensitive and challenging thing to do, and that is why we have kept our culture flexible and accessible.


• Cable Route Works
• Concrete bases
• Vegetation Clearance
• Fencing
• UTX installation
• Drainage
• Surveying
• S & T installations

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