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If you live in Surrey, you may be aware of our company and what services we provide to the county. We are a professionally run company that the government hires to provide cleaning services on the road. The roads are an essential part of any city. The roads tell a person what kind of city they are in and whether that city is looked after properly or not.

As Surrey is a busy county, there is a lot of traffic day and night, creating many road issues. All kinds of stains and dirt that fall on the road that we cannot clean manually or through a machine. Stains such as tire tracks, road marking and many more are just there permanently. That is up till now. Our company has a unique service where we can use hydroblast machines to clean the road.

What is Hydroblasting?

Hydroblasting is the most environmentally friendly way to remove dirt from the road. We ensure that any stain, marking, or dirt is picked up and removed from the road through high-pressured water. We also ensure the road itself doesn’t get damaged and provide a safety measure that protects the road and the worker using it.

With our services available twenty-four-seven, we ensure that professionals perform the service, so the road and the people around are kept safe.

Services Provided Through Hydroblasting

Here are some services that we provide to Surrey and ensure the roads’ safety and cleanliness. The Hydroblasting service is something that not every company has, and that is why we offer our services to the county happily. Here they are:

·  Oil Spill Removal

Oil spills happen rarely, but when they do, they are challenging to clean up. The oil sometimes seeps in and stains the road. It cannot be cleaned by just regular water and cleaning crews. Here is where our Hydroblasting service comes in handy. The high-pressured water ensures the complete removal of oil from the streets. 

·  Pavement Cleaning and Chewing Gum Removal

Yes, chewing gum removal is a full service that requires a crew. The amount of chewing gum thrown on the pavements and the dirt that is already set in the pavements is enough to warrant a hydroblast cleaning service. The high-pressured water helps remove the toughest of stains and chewing gums. The pavement ends up looking new and fresh. We ensure that all of the services are provided promptly, and the cleaning occurs in one go.

We also ensure that the employee working the hydroblaster is aware of how to use it and knows all the safety precautions. The hydroblaster has extremely high-pressure water that can be potentially dangerous if it comes in contact with a person. We ensure safety, and proper precautions are taken. You can visit our website for more information. 

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