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Here at THB, we provide a plethora of excellent drainage services in London. To ensure our service quality is top-notch, we utilize innovative technologies and provide the perfect drainage solutions, that too, at the most cost-efficient prices. Here are all of the drainage services that we have to offer in London.

Sewer Cleansing

A drainage service that is just as essential as unblocking, our sewer cleansing services will restrict any items from obstructing your building’s connections. So, it will also eliminate any risks of you having to contact emergency services due to any obstructions. We start by drain jetting, where high-pressure water is discharged through jet vac units, and the drains are cleansed of all debris. Next, to dispose of any waste, suction pumps are used. If you are unsure when you should contact us for sewer cleansing services, then be sure to be on the lookout for any signs of a blocked drain, such as smell, slower drainage of the sink, the toilet drainage rising after you flush, and more.

Septic Tank Emptying and Cleansing

We begin by first removing all of the impurities collected at the bottom of the septic tank. To ensure that no material is missed, a suction pump is used. Using an industry-specific cleaning solution combined with hydro-jet technology, we then thoroughly cleanse the tank itself. Our team members for the job are registered as specialist waste handlers, which allows us to prevent further pollution.

Pump Repair and Maintenance

To maintain an efficient flow of sewage and avoid all types of sewage backups that would be unsanitary and lead to expensive drainage services, it is essential to maintain or repair your sewage pumps. That is what we are here to do as we provide the best pump repair and maintenance services that will allow your septic system to work efficiently.

Drain Relining and Repair

In this drainage service, we will be fixing any broken components of your drains through excavating or renovating. We will then be reinstating the drain in the surrounding area, that too, with minimum interruptions. If your drains, sewers, or pipes have any cracks or damage within, we can fix that through relining. The lining will be expertly bonded to the drain.

Drain Inspection

With a great service like drain inspection, which utilizes CCTV technology, we will be able to observe and pinpoint exactly where the issue in your drains lies. We utilize new technologies, which is why our drain inspection services utilize an advanced win can 360° verification software. Using this software, we conduct surveys, which saves us and you the cost of having to manually enter the drain to inspect it. This not only saves your cost but also makes the entire process much more efficient. The camera allows for easy maneuverability, and the pictures obtained from this software are all in high resolution.

We at THB are able to cater to all types of drainage service requirements in London, no matter what the scale might be, from domestic drainage services to commercial ones, we can do it all. So, don’t hesitate and contact us today.

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