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Identifying a blockage is straightforward though understanding the structural integrity of drains, sewers and pipes is more difficult. The use of CCTV technology allows us to see what the issue is and where.

In using the advanced 360° Wincan verification software to conduct a survey, manual drain entry is not required. This in turn creates a more effective and efficient operation, as time is not wasted having operators physically assess the drain/sewer themselves. The ultra high-resolution images and easy maneuverability of the cameras also creates for a more detailed analysis.

Hairline cracks can be detrimental to pipework, causing exterior run off which leads to larger cracks and more extensive problems in the future. Hairline cracks are difficult to determine with the naked eye though the use of our CCTV units produces images with such clarity that they will not miss the slightest of flaws.

CCTV footage can also be used to determine the entry points for rodents, cockroaches and other pests. Not only are they unsightly and cause structural damage to building but pests are also a health risk to humans so it is important to deal with this issue before it manifests. Once detected, defect reparation can begin through patch lining. This ensures that the piping is restored to a good working condition and prevents access for pests via the drains.

Every image captured will then be provided alongside a technical report outlining the issues and how to go forward in repairing them.

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