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Putting colour back in to the community

THB initially came up with the idea to start laying colourful patterned preform thermoplastic on road crossings as a local initiative to encourage children to cross at pedestrian crossings points. This soon took off and became a huge success, with many

councils, local authorities and private companies investing for themselves. Since conception, THB have installed over 140 colourful shared spaces and crossings nationally – transferring the drab and dreary into something fun and colourful.

Did you know that colourful zebra crossing can reduce the rate of road accidents by more than 50%? That is just one benefit of colourful crossings among many others. THB came up with the idea to lay colourful patterns on roads to encourage safety.

Our colourful crossings in London became such a huge success that local authorities, councils, and private companies started investing in them too. We have now installed more than 100 colourful crossings nationally. Here is everything you need to know about our service.

Why You Should Opt For Colorful Crossings

You may be wondering how a colourful crossing is better than a normal zebra crossing. Don’t worry because we have all the answers. Here are the many reasons why you should opt for colourful crossings from THB:

  1. Encouraging Children

Children are always scared to cross the road. Their confidence to do that is low, and that is why colourful crossings are the best thing for them. Such crossings are fun to look at, and it encourages children to cross the pedestrian crossing points without the fear.

The colourful crossings grab their attention and they are more alert that there is a pedestrian area nearby. On many busy roads, a colourful crossing is a saviour that children can spot from afar. That is why it is a local initiative that can help the children.

  1. Safety For Visually Impaired Citizens

Inclusivity is the best thing for the success of any city. When creating roads and crossings, one needs to take into account people that are differently-abled or visually impaired. That is where our colourful crossings come in.

They are created in such a way that visually impaired citizens can also easily spot the crossing. It will allow them to understand where a crossing is, and cross the road safely. Colourful crossings are not just for children but offer safety to visually impaired citizens too.

  1. Adds Beauty

Art always adds beauty to any space. Every city deserves to look beautiful and colourful crossings can help add beauty. The colourful patterns add aesthetic and beauty to the roads that one does not find everywhere.

At THB, we ensure to use the most creative and colourful patterns that encourage children to walk and promote safety for visually impaired citizens. Such patterns and colours make the road more vibrant and add an aesthetic sense to the area. We love transforming dreary roads into colourful ones.

Contact Us Now

If you want to turn the roads into something colourful and fun, feel free to get in touch with us now. We have done almost 150 colourful crossings in London till now, and we plan on doing even more in the future. What started as a fun initiative, turned into something the city loves.

You can also benefit from it and add some beauty to the roads while promoting safety. For more information on the full range of our services, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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