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In Newham, THB are market leaders in chewing gum removal services.

A growing number of commercial businesses are experiencing an increase in gum debris left in their facilities. Employees and customers are apparently sticking their used gum on desks, floors, ceilings, furniture, and other unusual places. This situation creates an unhealthy and unsanitary environment for everyone else who wants to remain clean and sanitary.

Fortunately, there is one commercial maintenance service provider in Newham with experience removing gum from surfaces. THB is a professional gum removal specialist with the proper training and tools for removing gum from any surface within a residential or commercial facility. You no longer have to tolerate unsanitary conditions any further.

Safe and Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions

THB is the preferred gum removal company in Newham because we remove gum with 100% safe, effective, and non-toxic cleaning solutions. We think it is essential to remove gum while maintaining healthy and sanitary conditions on a property.  That way, all your customers, employees, and visitors won’t have to worry about their health getting compromised.

Over Two Decades of Experience

THB has more than 20 years of experience in removing gum from businesses and homes in Newham. When we finish cleaning your property’s surfaces, you won’t see any gum traces at all.  Then you won’t feel embarrassed or uneasy by having gum stuck in your building.

With all of our chewing gum removal services we use our market leading hydroblaster unit to remove all debris. There is no run off when using our hydro blaster system which means that it is environmentally friendly and all of the waste is stored onboard. We then dispose of all waste matter in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Contact us at 0800 0146 420 to make further inquiries about our gum removal services.

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