5-Step Sanitisation Service - Hydroblasting, Surfacing, Telecoms, Rail, Minor Civils, Road marking, Traffic Management & Drainage.

5-Step Sanitisation Service

The current sanitisation procedures employed by most large businesses are leaving their premises or workshops open to infection and cross- contamination. Nearly all cleaning companies are cleaning areas more regularly or introducing a longer lasting cleaning product which still does not suffice for total or long-term protection. We have tested numerous sites that have increased their cleaning regime to every two hours and introduced some new products,

but continue to fail to reduce the amount of bacteria or viruses found on surfaces they are responsible for. Furthermore, it is rare for cleaning or facilities partners to regularly check, test or document what they are doing.

Our 5-Step Sanitisation Programme resolves these issues, using a combination of testing and sanitisation with cutting-edge products. Our products include a long-lasting water-based disinfectant that is applied using our electrostatic applicators, and a specialised Ceramic formula developed by our in-house R&D team in association with a leading UK laboratory that can protect touch points for up to 3 years. We also document what areas have been tested and cleaned, presented in a PDF document to our clients.

We offer an ongoing service, ensuring our clients’ facilities are sterile and safe now and moving forward. This enables staff and customers to continually feel and remain safe.

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