RAF Airfield - Hydroblasting, Surfacing, Telecoms, Rail, Minor Civils, Road marking, Traffic Management & Drainage.

The apron of the airport had previously been painted by another contractor, which the client was unhappy with due to the poor quality of the work. Some of the lines were not straight and most of them had faded after only two months.

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The client approached us requesting that all outstanding markings on the airfield would be taken up. This was due to wear and poor quality of work. They also wanted new markings to be administered with a solution that provided long-term wear and high visibility.

It was important to the client that all works had to be completed whilst the airport remained live and operational and during adverse weather conditions.


In response to this, we started by hydro blasting and taking up the pre existing markings. We then developed a bespoke three part time/airless spray/ seal system that provided optimum longevity whilst maintaining high visibility in wet conditions and at night. Due to its long effective life, the solution would also minimize future operational disruption and prove the most economical option.

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