BBC Top Gear

The new Top Gear team planned a stunt for Matt LeBlanc to carry out a race around London’s streets in a mad Ford Mustang car called the “Hoonigan”, pulling donuts in and around the top spots in London.

Around London’s Key Landmarks

BBC Top Gear


In March 2016, Top Gear filmed a planned race through and around numerous top sights in central London as a means of showcasing a new Ford Mustang nicknamed ‘The Hoonigan’. The footage showed the car performing stunts outside of the Houses of Parliament, Tower of London, St. Pauls Cathedral, Whitehall and Canary Wharf.

The BBC approached THB to take up any rubber and tyre marks left on the road by cars. The hydroblaster was provided with a police motorcycle escort throughout the clean up ensuring ultimate safety. This was done using hydro blasting technology, which cleanses the tarmac through ultra high-pressured water and removed any remnants.

Hydroblasting is the most environmentally friendly method of line removal, re-texturing asphalt and cleaning surfaces. Our hydroblaster uses clean water devoid of any additives at ultra high pressure to deep clean surfaces. We offer our services 27/4 to ensure that we can meet your individual requirements.

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Unlike other cleaning methods, our hydroblasters collect all of the dirt and debris into an onboard tank for, ensuring no illegal run off into surface drains. All waste is then disposed off in compliance with Environment agency and our Waste Carriers License.

The client was happy with the end results as the hydro blaster managed to take up all rubber and oil effectively and efficiently, with minimal disruption to London roads.

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